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Low D linked to daytime sleepiness and more

Some things are worth repeating. Other things are worth shouting from the rooftops. The importance of vitamin D is both of those things.

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Even in a ‘bad’ year, you don’t need the flu shot

So it’s officially a “bad” flu season – one where more people are supposedly getting sick and more people will continue to get sick, at least according to the latest warning from the U.S.

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Zap your chicken... and it's still not safe

Want to know how powerful superbugs are these days? Your food is routinely blasted with high levels of radiation in an attempt to kill them -- and it's not working.

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You might not believe what the FDA allows in children's shampoo

If I told you there were a kids' shampoo that contained an insecticide, you might not be entirely shocked. It IS shocking. But we've seen worse than that.

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Is soda causing your knee troubles?

I’m convinced that whoever writes the public statements for the American Beverage Association (ABA) should start a second career as a stand-up comedian.

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The secret to beating back Alzheimer’s discovered?

It’s the most common form of dementia in the United States. And it’s the sixth-leading cause of death.

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Natural relief for back pain

So you’ve tried everything and still can’t get any relief for your back pain. That’s the story I hear nearly every day.

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It’s a workout in a pill!

It’s the miracle “exercise” you’ve been waiting for – all the benefits of a workout, without spilling a drop of sweat.

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Link between childhood vaccines and autism suddenly revived

When you get a vaccine, close your eyes and don't ask questions.

Does that sound ridiculous? To me, too! But there are many who would tell you to do just that.

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The “fruit salad” link to diabetes

Should you just bite the bullet—part with the extra cash—and finally go organic?

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Men–here’s the secret to shedding those pounds

Losing weight isn’t always easy.

But if you’re an older man who is struggling to shed pounds, I have some good news for you. You might be surprised to hear that it comes straight from the mainstream press.

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You’re slowly being poisoned

Want a shock? Go get tested for heavy metals. Your jaw will drop when you see the results.

I know, because I see the reactions in my own clinic every single day.

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The chemical that's giving you heart disease

If you thought packaged food was bad, you should see what's in the packaging itself.

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Why your doc needs a refresher course in statistics

How good is your doctor at math?

I know it seems like a strange question. But the answer could be more important than you might ever imagine. It turns out that your doctor's less than stellar math skills are likely to lead you to be subjected to unnecessary...and potentially harmful...cancer tests.

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Bad news gummy bears

Run for your lives! The multis are coming!

That can only mean one thing, of course -- it's time for another comically feeble "exposé" of the imagined dangers, drawbacks, and pointlessness of multivitamins.

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Diet soda in new health scare

Let's face it: There's nothing "diet" about diet soda. It won't make you healthier and it won't even help you to lose weight -- and that's been proven.

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Dangerous drug gets free pass for kids

Picture this:

You're the maker of a blockbuster painkiller. Sales are soaring ($2.5 billion in 2011); you're on top of the world.

Never mind that your painkiller could increase the risk of life threatening heart problems, including heart attack and stroke--and that the risk becomes greater if you use it long term.

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Break the bottled water habit?

Question: What's your stance on bottled water? Some people tell me I shouldn't drink it because the plastic bottles are poisonous. Others tell me I should steer clear of tap water because of fluoride and chlorine. What should I do?

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The sweetest scandal in the history of American health

Ever wonder what our former Secretary of Defense did before he got into politics?

Well years ago, he was the fearless leader of a company called GD Searle Corp. that developed a "miracle sweetener" called aspartame. (Yes, the same stuff in those little blue packets.)

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Death by sleeping pill

Hey, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, sleeping pills are nothing but bad news.

I've been warning you about their dangers for years now.

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